College Girl by Sheila Grace

1 Aug


She’s a student. He’s the teacher. And their worlds are about to collide …

In her second term of college Alex Reed has one thing on her mind: passing Calculus. So when her professor introduces Ryan Matthews, the new TA, she writes him off in a second. Tall, hotter than hell—clearly a major ego case. Whatever. Guys like him don’t notice girls like her. Besides, she’s never even kissed a guy, so her sex-crazed roommate can have Mr. Hot.

Ryan Bennett left the family business and his pill-popping ex-fiancée to do something for himself. Then, only months before finishing his doctorate under an assumed name, he walks into his advisor’s freshman Calculus class and sees her. Alex Reed. The last thing he needs. Young, inexperienced—and off limits. But when someone who shouldn’t follows her across campus at night, he’s forced to do something about it.

What happens next will change their lives forever.

Reader discretion is advised. This book is NOT appropriate for readers under 18 or those who are easily offended. It contains numerous explicit sexual situations, strong profanity throughout, violence, underage drinking, and other themes not intended for sensitive readers.




3.5 Stars

This book was like a game of ping pong, the characters couldn’t be more confused about what they wanted & they kept going backwards and forwards with their relationship, Alex swore at every turn which I disliked at first since she suppose to be 18 a virgin & a good girl but then as you read on I noticed that all her swearing gave her character a twist. Overall & despite things written above I enjoyed reading it & seen Alex & Ryan relationship develop, it was a rollercoaster but they got there at the end. I really hope there is a sequel to this book 😉



Reviewed by Maria.

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