Tall, Dork and Handsome by Remy Richard

18 Aug


Holden Reed is a dork into computers, gadgets, and Star Trek.

Sabrina Kelly is a con artist into jewelry, pop art (preferably quickly moveable) and a clean getaway.

But when they both get into trouble, Sabrina can’t help but notice that her new partner in crime is Tall, Dork, and Handsome.

Holden is working on the biggest coding problem of his life, and that’s saying something for a man who’s been coding since he was ten years old. The problem is all of these distractions: threats against his sister’s life, break-ins, and the sexiest, most contrary con artist imaginable. How is a guy supposed to keep his mind on math when there’s a man-eater in the room?

Sabrina is just minding her own business, breaking into Holden’s home, when his head of security catches her in the act. She barters information about her accomplices (who are working on much more dangerous schemes than she is comfortable with) for her freedom. But after a few days with Holden, his sister and friends, she’s not sure that she wants her freedom anymore. What she may want…is a dork of her very own.



“Am I a human? Yes. Then I like The Princess Bride.”
― Remy Richard, Tall, Dork and Handsome

And if you liked The Princess Bride you are going to love this book. I don’t say this because there are any similarities between the two other than being highly entertaining. This is a funny and quirky story of a computer dork, who is developing a top secret software no one is supposed to know about and a con artist who was sent to steal this very software.

Sabrina was caught while breaking into Holden’s house and now she is a hostage. His friends doubt his actions and think her to be very dangerous and not to be trusted felon but he doesn’t want to involve the police because he thinks that she knows more then she is letting on and it was impertinent for him to solve this mystery as his success can very well depend on it.

Getting caught wasn’t in Sabrina’s to-do list and now she found herself in a very difficult situation. As she started to know Holden better it gets impossible to con him. Can her conscience take that kind of betrayal?

I absolutely loved this book although I’ll admit that sometimes it felt to be in need of serious editing but the story is so good that one can easily ignore it. It is the first book in Remy’s Dork series and I hope that next book is as good as this one if not better.

Reviewed by Fizza.


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