Get Lucky (The Bounty Hunters #2) by Lorie O’Clare

25 Aug


Checking into a Colorado ski lodge for some serious downtime, bounty hunter Marc King wants nothing more than to cool off and chill out. But then he meets London Brooke. She’s one of the hottest women Marc’s ever met, and the sparks between them could melt the Rockies. But this beautiful, intelligent, and beguiling stranger is hiding a secret from Marc that could get them both killed…
London knows she can trust a man like Marc. But how can she tell him about the mysterious package she receives—and the photos that threaten to expose her past? With time running out, London has no choice but to draw Marc into a dangerous world of blackmail and revenge. As a professional, Marc can’t refuse her. As a man, he can’t resist her. But the deeper he falls, the deadlier the game. And if he doesn’t play his cards right, he could lose London forever



Get Lucky is the second book in The Bounty Hunter series, after loving the first book I started reading it and it did not disappoint me. In fact it is better written than the book one, there is more action and suspense and I had more fun reading this one.

Marc King is the son of one of the best bounty hunters. He works with his parents, brother and cousin and they make up the best team to hunt down people but right now he needs a vacation. So he goes to Aspen for a month and away from work. He books a room at a beautiful lodge and plans to enjoy his stay.

There he meets London, a daughter of con artists who are best in their field as they have never been caught even though they have been criminals all her life. She has come to Aspen three years ago, cutting ties with her parents and spending a quite life. She works at the lodge and there she meets Marc King. all of a sudden her quite life is no longer so quite. First she starts getting pictures of her parents with threatening notes then Marc’s parents also get disturbing pictures of themselves.

Now both Marc’s and London’s parents have disappeared and they must team up to find them before it is too late.

The book is action packed adventure with the right mix of romance which makes it even more enjoyable. It can be read as stand alone book but if you read book one first you will be able to understand it much better as the crimes in both are linked with each other.

Review by Fizza

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