Perfectly Broken by Prescott Lane

4 Mar


“I should’ve been more open with you — especially after everything you told me.” He gently touched her scar.

“You can’t fix me,” she said.

“I’m still going to try. And if I can’t, I’ll share your scar with you.”

“But I’ll still be broken.”

“You’re not broken,” he said, searching her eyes. “You’re just under renovation.” Peyton looked at her hands again, considering the possibility. “I know we’re worth saving. We’re not broken. We’re perfect together.”


*I know Fizza beat me to the punch but I need to have at least a brief say about this book ;).

This book was an absolute dream to read.  Seriously.  The characters completely suck you into the story and so does the author’s writing–which is flawless. The character’s banter will have you smiling silly but make no mistake, the story will pull at your heartstrings too. To boot this story is written in such a way that you can see other character’s thoughts and once again the transition between  thoughts is for lack of a better word flawless.

Reed at the beginning is a typical player but as the story progresses, we see how much he loves Peyton.  So… for me this book deserves a well deserved 5stars (Loved it)

*See amazon links in Fizza’s post





Review by Maria💕


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