Seven Dirty Words by Charlotte Howard

31 Mar


Paige Holmes hides herself in a masculine world in a desperate attempt to remain safe. Just as she is ready to face her fears and her past, she finds herself torn between Matt Jackson and Vance Ellery: handsome, rich, and safe – or handsome, rich, and dangerous? Which will she choose? The one who appears to be the most perfect, or the one who makes her use all Seven Dirty Words?


Paige holmes isn’t your average girl. She plays Rugby on Saturdays and practice martial arts on Mondays. She also works at a mechanic’s shop and shares a house with her brother and his best friend.

I know that by the description above you might think you have a hold of the plot (falling for the brother’s best friend thing) but… Nope. You’re wrong.

During a game of Rugby, she literally falls at the feet of Vance Ellery or TDS as she prefers to call him. That’s when things begin to get interesting…

Vance is older and used to get his way except, Paige isn’t the kind of girl to roll over. The plot thickens when she meets another drool worthy man. He’s younger and more suited but she feels torn between the two. Who will she choose? Talk, Dark and smoldering or Matt, the guy her parents would approve of…

What a ride!

The synopsis to this book appealed to me the moment I read it. I must confess and say that when I began to read the book, to me it felt like an okay read but–and there’s a BIG but– the farther I got into the story the more submerged into it I got, and I have to say that I absolutely loved it. Beyond the shadow of a doubt that’s for sure.

The characters were well developed and the main characters completely pulled me into the story effortlessly. In the book Paige is dealing with something  that happened the year before and every time that subject was highlighted in a conversation it got me wondering what that something was, which completely captured my interest and kept me turning the pages.

I loved Paige’s spunk and fully admire her strength through out the book. The chemistry between her and TDS was fantastic! I couldn’t help but squeal every time those two got together. I must warn you thought. There’s a love triangle going on  and I’m aware that it may not appeal to some but I recommed this little gem regardless. Give it a go, you won’t regret it. I loved it!


I died for a short while the first time we met”― Charlotte V. Howard, Seven Dirty Words

“The only people who need to fear me, are those that hurt you…” – TDS, Seven Dirty Words”― Charlotte V. Howard, Seven Dirty Words

                About the Author

British author, Charlotte Howard, was born in Oman and spent much of the first part of her life flitting between Oman, Scotland, and England. Now settled in Somerset, Charlotte lives with her husband, two children, and growing menagerie of pets.
Her career as a writer began at an early age, with a poem being featured in an anthology for the East Midlands. Since then Charlotte has written many short stories and poems, and finally wrote her first full-length piece of fiction in 2010. Her debut novel, “Seven Dirty Words” was published in January 2013, with the sequel, “Four Letter Words”, due out in early 2014.
During what little spare time she has, Charlotte enjoys reading and writing (of course), spending time with her family, and watching action movies whilst eating curry and drinking tea

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