Four Letter words by Charlotte V Howard

3 Apr


Four Letter Words is the sequel to Seven Dirty Words.

Paige Holmes has made her choice. But as she begins to get her life back on track, she starts to question her decision. Then, the letters arrive. When Paige finds herself in trouble once again, she must decide who she can trust. Will she go back to the one she denied, or will she stand by her choice? Love and lust are, after all, both Four Letter Words.


In this book Paige’s story pick’ s up where the first book ended.

We know that in book one Paige fell in love. Now she begins to question her decision. She loves Vance. But does he feels the same towards her, is he capable of such emotion? Paige likes to believe he does. That’s until he’s confronted with the question. A question that’s left unanswered.

Not only does she have to deal with the turmoil in her troubled relationship but also a ghost from her past comes back to haunt her. Mysterious letters are being delivered through her letterbox.

Paige doesn’t know who to trust. After all no one knows who is sending the letters or how the culprit is managing to obtain the pictures that come with them.

I can’t find words adequate enough to praise Paige’s strength. With what happened to her she should be in tatters but instead she’s willing to stand her ground.  Yes, she’s damaged. Anyone that went through such an ordeal would be but even when she had the opportunity to run and leave all problems behind, she didn’t.

The book pulled me in from the beginning and kept me on my toes throughout. Engaging and gripping storyline paired with flawless writing. This is another stellar book you won’t be able to put down and the ending will leave you gobsmacked because it is so unexpected. Although for me it was the right choice for the heroine. Outstanding!

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Review by Maria💋

2 Responses to “Four Letter words by Charlotte V Howard”

  1. Sundow Media April 3, 2014 at 3:22 pm #

    Great review! Very informative and well worth the time to read. Will be checking back regularly.

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