Review:Morgan’s Diary, Tales of a Mortician’s Artist (Maxwell J. Delaware Series #1)

4 Apr


Set in Magazine District of New Orleans, Morgan’s Diary is the story of Morgan Page Paris who has just started her first job as Mortician’s Artist with the Maxwell J. Delaware Funeral Home.

Jason Delaware, the funeral director is a dark and very sensual man, unhappily married and falling slowly for Morgan. Jason begins to fall slowly under the spell of Morgan who has a caring heart for her job and the dead; something Morgan’s wife Mercedes is very much lacking in.

Mercedes Delaware, the mysterious ice queen and wife of Jason is livid when she discovers Jason has feelings for his new employee. She will stop at nothing to keep them apart.

Jared Walker, the caretaker and driver for the funeral home and Mercedes own Renfield has his own agenda. He also has an interest in the dead and Morgan.

Jules Darcy, the coroner has his own axe to grind with Mercedes

Giselle Lisbon, is the newest sensual attraction at The Belle Morte Club. Will she get more than she bargained for in the name of fame?

Nothing is as it seems behind the doors of the funeral home. Bodies of the dead begin to slowly start disappearing as the rumors begin to fly about the after hours secret club called The Belle Morte.

This book contains adult content and is for mature readers.

About the Author

Image of Lori Meckley


Lori Meckley

Amazon Page:

Author Lori Meckley lives in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, where she attended Harrisburg Area Community College for her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and worked law enforcement in the field of private apprehension, background investigation and as a booking agent. Ms. Meckley also shadowed Crime Scene Analyst David Ickler.

The author is currently working on The Awakening of Angela Mercy book 2 in The Butterfly House series due out in late 2014. She is also working on a tie in novel to Morgan’s Diary, “Fragile Ghosts” due the fall of 2015.



This book is creepy!!! (Well, at first) What do I expect? duh!! It is a diary of a mortician’s artist, so it should be creepy because they are dealing with dead people, but the book turned out to be so good that I wish it was longer. I love the way how this book was written,it is a short story but let me remind you that the story is great and is detailed in a good way, that you will see that the author does her craft very well, that she does not feed her readers a piece of crap but a detailed things on what an artist, who is beautifying dead people really do and what do they feel when they encounter a dead people. By reading this book you can say that what you are reading is indeed a diary of a mortician artist and you would be **amazedbells** on the things they do. The story isn’t dull so it would excite you to read more, to know what will happened next. For the characters, the author was able to conjure a strong and believable characters for both H/h. I wished that the author have written more of Jason’s POV but it’s okay since i’ve got a glimpse of what’s on his mind. And for my favorite character Mr. POE, (meow) I love you! And thanks for saving Morgan**hugs**.:) The story is  UNIQUE, it will forever stay on your mind if you read it so please do and (I bet) you won’t be wasting your time and money. #justgreat



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