Affaire de Coeur by Stephanie O’Hanlon

30 Apr

Affaire de Coeur


“An unforgettable romance in the most scandalous of eras in history.”

“Paris, May 1770, in the midst of aristocracy, country girl Madeleine Dumont is privileged to partake in social events while living with her friend Colette du Lorme, daughter of a Marquis. While following in the shadow of her popular and socially verse friend, she finds herself caught up with her infatuation with a
man, a Comte. Lucien de Laurent, one of King Louis XV’s favourite and established bachelor, as well as social recluse.

But how does a woman win sucha man without playing the game?”


It is historical romance set in 18th century France. The story revolves around aristocrats of that time. The way ladies indulged in gossip and spreading rumors. How everything was everyone’s business. But Maddy was not one of the nobles. She was staying with a friend, while her father was away and that is how she was introduced to the life in Paris. She loved the glamour but hated the fact that people could be cruel.
During her stay she fell in love with a Comte but they kept their affair a secret until things spiraled out of control….
This was a delightful read. I have always loved historical romances, although I must admit that this was the first I read about French aristocracy. I liked it a lot and had fun reading it. I loved all the characters and they way story is written. Author has tried to describe everything in great details including the dresses they wear and the places they visit. Which was interesting to say the least. I hope to read more of O’Hanlon’s superb books. 🙂

Review by Fizza

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