A Champion’s Duty by Lavinia Collins

30 May

A Champion's Duty

~Book Description~

Feeling increasing trapped in Camelot, Guinevere finds solace in Lancelot and their illicit affair blossoms. But gossip grows in Arthur’s court and only by accepting the quest for the Holy Grail can Lancelot place himself above suspicion. But in his absence will Guinevere survive the increasing danger she finds herself in from all around her, and will Arthur’s love be enough to save her from harm?

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This is the second book in Guinevere Trilogy. I had loved book 1 (The Warrior Queen) and this second book was just as good. It will keep readers interested until the end. Guinevere is still an excellent narrator which gives this legend a fresh and intriguing  feel. In this second book we get to read more about Guinevere and Lancelot. Those of us who have been waiting for this sequel will not be disappointed. and those who have not yet read these books, I recommend that you do that soon. 😉 It is packed with adventure, romance, disappointments, rumors, betrayal and a quest…. All in all an amazing re-telling of the legend of King Arthur.

Review by Fizza


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