Male Medusa, Caught in Coils by Stella Inox

6 Jun


He’s an anomaly belonging to a forgotten world. A myth. Cast out and bound in enchantments by his own kind, he lingers adrift and forgotten in a hidden cavern, wiling away the eons. Meeting humans over the years, he is both feared and desired, his bite bringing addiction and ecstasy or death. Knowing much of loneliness, little of kindness and nothing of woman, the only male Gorgon in history has a surprise in store for him when his dark haired destiny, lands at his feet.

When the roof of a concealed cave collapses underneath the feet of Amelia, an archeological researcher seeking the lost temple of a snake god, she doesn’t expect to be rescued by a gorgon, a male medusa. Ancient and powerful, Serpen is nothing like she could ever have imagined.

Serpents have never been so sexy!

Warning: Contains extremely explicit material and references and is not suitable for anyone below 18 years of age.



*** Received copy from author in exchange for an honest review***

It’s not often you find yourself with a book that it’s simply in another category all by itself. Why? Because, it’s rare, it was executed with many details that are out of the box and after you finished reading you keep guessing what’s going to happen next. Well, that’s exactly what I felted after reading Male Medusa, Caught in Coils (Otherkind Kink Male Medusa #1) by Stella Inox

The author spun a web with warm words, to make the reader emphatic in order to understand the male gorgon, named Serpen. As a cast away from his own people, he lived isolated from human contact. In his magic captivity, he learns the basic things of pleasure with his body from watching male Roman’s interact with each other. He was ignorant and curious at such display, but he tried to learn the ways of the world by their company, conversation, languages and civilization. As time passed, he occupied himself with crafting his cave, into a home. At first, because it was something he could occupy himself, and then it became a hobby. Since the magic enchantment that once bound him to the cave were long gone. He felt scared; it was a new world out there. So, he felt beguiled when his destiny appeared in his cave and tasted for the first time uncontrollable addicting passion.

This story is short, but well explained. Readers who like rare, Greek mythology and like to be kept on their toes will like it. It’s seduction in a new category.

Caution: Reader’s might want keep in mind, that this is not your average erotica romance. There are new techniques or introductory concept in the art of seduction. Many things will leave you with rounded eyes, but one must see past that and keep with the story.



“Are you afraid of me? I don’t intend to hurt you.”

His voice was as beautiful as his face. He had a slightly sibilant hiss on some of the syllables and he spoke circumspectly as if English wasn’t his first language.

“I…No” “I’m not afraid of you.”

“Then why don’t you look at me, am I hideous to your eyes?”

“No, you’re not hideous… I … I just don’t want to be turned to stone.”

“And you believe that looking at me will turn you to stone.” He seemed startle.

“Are you saying it won’t?”

“Yes” he murmured, turning his eyes to the ground.




Meet: Amelia Landscombe, an archaeological researcher seeking the lost temple of a snake god.


Meet: Serpen, the only male gorgon known in history.


P.S. Emerald it’s the new black.

Reviewed by Lulu Wings


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