9th Life by Wendy Beck

11 Jun







~ Concerning Zookeepers ~

Working with the wild is a diverse calling. You learn to scale heights and sedate hurts, rate scars and skin rats, celebrate life and suffer loss. Animals are freer with their acceptance and adoration, also fiercer when angered or threatened. All in all, it’s a safe way to live passionately.
So Skyler thought.
Then he came. Lines were blurred.


~ Concerning Shapeshifters ~

Being a shapeshifter is to know life at its depths. The initiated know the truth. It’s all One. Form is an idea. Ideas can be changed.
But all ideas are not equal.
So Bastian learned.
Then he found her. Lines were crossed.


Skyler Ashcraft never could have guessed the line crossed when she drugged an injured lynx. What Bastian was didn’t even footnote in her zookeeper’s manual. But it did nearly overshadow what he hid.
Secrets are like lines. They divide.
Before and After. Truth or Lie.
Life or Death.


Paranormal New Adult
9th Life: mild language, no sex
The rest of the series contains mild language and sexual situations.





*** Received copy from author in exchange for an honest review***


I believe there is a calling for each and one of us. No matter what, it calls something deep in us like, the serpent responding to the lute of his master. It awakens us from an unknown slumber, slowly and seductively. And like a serpent waiting greedily for its masters continuous notes; I read patiently savoring the voyage. Until the next time the master wakes his serpent for the next song. In other words; I was the hypnotize serpent and the song played was the debut novel:  9th Life by Wendy Beck.

It pleases me to say that it’s an extraordinary work! The story it’s not your average girl- meets- boy and they fall madly in love at first glance. No, it’s a rich and multilayered story that every time you thing you found the missing puzzle, its smacks you in the face with new facts or forgotten bread crumbs.  Even the world this author creates is beautiful and captivating. It grasped my attention since the first chapter with only a sentence, and what a sentence it was!    “Belief is a poor substitute for experience.  There’s only one.  All of us. Everything.”-  Fragment from  9th Life by Wendy Beck.

Also, this story leads you to a merry chase but, it’s worth it! Because, she will make you adore the characters and make you feel like you are one of them; even the internal struggle will make you feel for them. And what this author brings to the table, it’s something for the big guys. (Yeah. It’s that good!) Your mind will burst with so many details, that are simple outstanding! In conclusion, it was a privilege to read this work from this author and a great must read!





Leaning in, he murmured, “That’s why I love you. You’re so… sweet.” “Did I tell you how amazing you look?”

“As I recall, you used the word delectable, just before you flashed me your sharpest grin.”

“Mmm…dosen’t sound like me.”

“Sounds exactly like—”

His kiss cut me off, all punishing aggression, that gentle touch now pinning me beneath him. That’d teach me.

—9th Life by Wendy Beck








Meet: Emma Roberts as Skyler Ashcraft, she’s loves cats, likes music, and works as a zookeeper. And has an Owl, who constantly hits on her to become his girlfriend.



Meet: Martin Wallström as Bastian Kell, he’s an Ailuro,  loves the outdoors, likes music, and he’s giving an Owl some competition. 😉




“The Only thing left seems to be the fire.”  — 9th Life by Wendy Beck


P.S. The world of the Ailuro will enthrall you!

Reviewed by Lulu Wings


2 Responses to “9th Life by Wendy Beck”

  1. wendymbeck June 11, 2014 at 7:19 pm #

    Thank you so much for giving 9th Life a read. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it! All proceeds from 9th Life go to the Good Mews no-kill no-cage cat shelter! Cat shifters helping build a cat’s shelter!

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