Pariah ( The New Covenant Series#1) by Casey L Bond

18 Jun



What are the things that you need most in life—the things you crave?

Solara longs for freedom. Having been raised under the Kingdom’s lock and key since the age of two, she wants to see the world. Upon turning seventeen and receiving no mark from the Lord, she believes freedom is finally within her grasp. Unfortunately, she is wrong. The Kingdom has been fooled. She is marked by an angel of light and one of the fallen dark ones. Solara is God’s chosen, and with her birth, the new covenant made with mankind is made manifest.
Solara also longs for love, strong enough to last a lifetime, and beyond. Riven loves her. But is one of the fallen prophesied to betray the chosen. Can she trust him? Love him? Prophesy states that she is the key. The fate of humanity rests with her decision. She alone will determine whether the doors of Heaven or the gates of Hell open upon the Earth.
But how can a normal girl, who has been raised with no knowledge of either side, make such a decision? And how can she turn away from finally tasting those things she has craved for so long



Wow! This book wrapped me in its magical world from the moment I began reading it. I love angel stories and this one was absolutely fantastic. The twists and turns will leave your head spinning (in a very good way). The description of places, characters,  ect… made the whole thing even more appealing. As I read I found myself imagining the surroundings and what the characters looked like– specially Riven– that boy sounded mighty fine. Well, now that I’ve finished reading it, I wish I had book two handy because I didn’t want the book to end! Yes, it was that good.
I recommend this book with my eyes closed. Trust me, the word disappointment doesn’t apply to this book. It was awesome!





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Review by Maria💋


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  1. michellejoycebond June 18, 2014 at 8:03 pm #

    Some powerful quotes here. 🙂

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