Kink by Nikki Sex

8 Jul







Emily Malone snuck into my life, slipped under my skin, and right into my heart. Little did I know that danger and death tagged along with her, following in her innocent wake.

I’m always in control – but not with her. Emily makes me doubt myself because she’s so important to me. Em knows nothing of the lifestyle. I know she’s submissive, but I must take it slow.

Gradually, step-by-step, I’ll teach her to enjoy my particular brand of kink, my unique darker needs. She’ll learn to love what I love. What I need.

That is if both of us live long enough to complete her training




*Received copy from author in exchange for an honest review*


Dominance and absolute control in the bedroom are strong words in one sentence, but picture those words to describe one man. Two words. Paul Jarman.

Kink by Nikki Sex it’s not your average BDSM erotic read, it’s filled with thriller element’s and even sexy romance. The story itself it’s spectacular! There are moments when you want to cuddle with the Dom and next you want to slap him hard for making so casual a wedding proposal. But, any resistance it’s futile against, Paul. He will make your body conscious of him, will make you beg and will chuckle at your attempts to lure him. And then when you can’t stand it anymore, it’s too late now. You will crave him, you will need him and you will love his dark kinky side. He has already claimed you. He owns your body, heart and soul.

The author it’s a great story teller! I love that she took her time explaining and adding details of the BDSM lifestyle and what involves during a scene from both protagonist eyes. Also, the sex scenes were very HOT! Kink by Nikki Sex it’s a must read for BDSM erotic readers! You won’t be disappointed! One-click right away!








Meet: Emily Malone alter ego is “Candy” a decisive sexy woman who wants to be really naughty in bed. And her wish is answered.



Meet: Paul Jarman, a Dom on bed and alpha male out of it. He attracts women like a magnet, but can he be faithful and sincere with himself to commit to one woman for the rest of his life?



“That I don’t only love you, rabbit. I trust you completely. You’re the only one I ever truly have.”    – Kink by Nikki Sex



P.S. You will embrace dark and kinky!

Reviewed by Lexi Wings


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