Blossom (A Bloom Novella) by Cathy Jackson

28 Feb



Charles Swartz was abusive and demanding. He ruled my life with a leather strap and harsh words. The physical and mental abuse I suffered at his hands made me hate and fear him.
His death would be the only thing that could release me from our marriage.
John Westerling is caring and thoughtful. He treats me as his equal and his encouragement builds me up. His displays of patience and love to everyone around draws my heart to him.
Can the love we are finding together stand against a woman from his past who threatens to tear us apart and destroy all that we are working to achieve? Will I be able to trust again after being married to a tyrant?

4 star


*Received copy in exchange of an honest review*


Captive in a storm of abuse by her ex-husband, Phoenix Swartz struggles to maintain her sanity while becoming a new bride. All is new to her, a huge contrast between her past and present. But insecurity and self-doubt drags her back to the dark corner. Caging her from what she desires, her husband.

John Westerling, is a patient man, but when he sees his beautiful wife caving to the darkness. He tries everything in his power to bring her back to life. Slowly but deliberate he envelopes her with faith, tenderness, understanding and sweet passion. He takes Phoenix broken wings and nurtures her back to a life full of happiness, where love is free given and reciprocated.

This is a sweet, but deep story. You get the see the pain behind an abused woman and her inner fight, to break from her past. Her body is a constant reminder of how she endured, but her mind rebels at the possibility to finally be safe as well happy. However, Phoenix got a second chance at life. And John, is so determined to help get through that not even the ghost of Charles can smother the love and passion of two being in need of each other. It’s a wonderful clean romantic read.







Reviewed by Lexi Wings


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