Stepsister Devotion ( Part One ) by Eve Cates

5 Mar


               NEW RELEASE!

The start of an epic tale about love, lust and secrets. Follow Sebastian as he learns to live with loving his stepsister Abigail and hiding that love from the world…



                 Excerpt ( censored )

“You’re so beautiful,” I whisper. I’m overcome with the sight of her beneath me. Ready. Willing. “I can’t tell you how often I’ve dreamed of this moment. But I need to know this isn’t just a summer fling. I’m not doing that. Not with you. I want you too damn much and one summer isn’t going to cut it.” Her eyes move between mine as she listens quietly, her expression sobering. “Cards on the table, I love you, Abigail. I’ve loved you since I saw you walk down that aisle in that stupid pink dress. I think I was born loving you, and for some stuffed up reason we were connected by family instead of meeting the way normal couples do. But I don’t care how we met. As long as we’re together, I don’t give a stuff about the rest of the world. I need you to promise that you’re mine. I need you to promise you’re mine only.”
Her eyes shine with emotion and her lips part, letting out a choked sob. “I want to, Seb,” she whispers. “I want to so much. But how?”
“How?” I release her hands and sit back, wiping my hand over my face as I let out a long sigh, feeling disappointed as well as angry at myself for allowing myself to hope we could be more. “By saying screw you to a lot of people. That’s how.” Standing up, I shake my head, leaning down to pick up my shirt so I can pull it back over my head.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m getting dressed.”
“But, I thought…”
I turn on her. “Thought this was what, Abigail? That you could spend the summer roughing it with your white trash stepbrother so you can satisfy your rebellious streak before you go off to your fancy college. Where are you going? Brown? You couldn’t go there and hold your head up high attached to someone like me could you? You’d be too worried about what they all think.”
She turns on me now. “What happens when we unbolt that trap door? Do we go down to dinner and hold hands, just expecting our parents to be cool with us together? What happens when we go out into the world? What do we do – will you go up to people and say ‘I’d like you to meet my stepsister, Abigail, oh, and she’s also my girlfriend…’ How does that work, Seb? Because in my world, people are going to think I’m sick and that it’s no better than incest.”
“It’s not like we grew up together. We’ve met once before now. How can anyone think something is wrong with that?”
She stands up and heads over to the gramophone, keeping her back to me as she lets out a sigh and speaks. “I don’t know, Seb. But people are small-minded and sometimes, the more educated they are, the worse it is. All I can promise you is this summer in this room. I can’t promise you anything outside it. I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry too, Abi. All I know is that I want you but I really can’t have you. And it ticks me off. I want you too much to settle for a secret. I want you always.”




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