Naughty & Nice: Single’s Night (#2)

22 Mar


Naughty & Nice: Single’s Night ( #2 ) by Marissa Oldham, S.M. Rose, Noah Wilde, Emma Payne
(BDSM, BBW, MFF, Lesbian)

From Angelia Rourke comes the next steamy Naughty & Nice installment.

Single’s Night at popular Burbank bar Elixir brings out all kinds of personalities, but for four lucky singles, it will be the night that changes their lives forever.

What You Deserve by Marisa Oldham: BBW Lucy tries to find her footing among the “beautiful” people, discovering her own self-worth along the way.

Jaded by S.M. Rose: Done with men forever, Claire finds a one-night stand with a fiery, mysterious woman may just be what she’s needed all along.

To Mend a Broken Heart by Noah Wilde: Broken-hearted over a recent breakup, Liam believes his love life has hit a dead-end, until he meets someone new.

Last Call by Emma Payne: Bartender Presley starts out her night dreading a date with her ex-boyfriend, but a few twists take her life in a completely different direction.











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One Response to “Naughty & Nice: Single’s Night (#2)”

  1. S Grages March 22, 2015 at 7:23 pm #

    One of the things I absolutely LOVE about these stories is how they seamlessly tie in with each other. You’ll pick up on little descriptions that were mentioned in each preceding one that just make everything more real.
    Second, the diversity is incredible. There’s something in this book for all tastes. Each author has unique style and interests that prevent repetition or the mundane. Also, throw a male POV into the mix from Noah, and you automatically get something genuine and rare.

    Marisa’s story puts the “nice” in “Naughty & Nice.” It’s sweet, sexy, steamy, and satisfying. Writing BBW takes a special talent and this girl’s got it.

    S.M. Rose is your “no holds barred” heat that is raw, creative, and hawt! Get ready for some non-guilty pleasure, girl-on-girl fun.

    Noah not only gives you the male POV, but he has a smooth writing style that makes the moments flow and gets you wet down below. He’s extremely good at fulfilling his reader’s needs and fantasies. 😉

    And lastly, Emma melds all the authors together with skills that really put you in the scene as part of the action. Her story is seductive and panty-dropping. As for the description of her male character? Yum.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this anthology and have gained so much respect for these authors. You WON’T be disappointed!

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