Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter by Dark Inferno

23 Mar



Meet Richard Martin. He’s well mannered,married to his beautiful university sweetheart, works in a job he can’t stand with people who mostly drive him nuts, and so sexually frustrated he’s about ready to blow like Mount Vesuvius.

Enter Rebecca, Scarlet and Samantha, three sirens sent by god to plague and tempt him. Will he be able to do what’s right and resist their advances, or will these temptresses lure him to the rocks?

In this first volume in Dark Inferno’s sizzling new series: Sweet Temptations, A naughty babysitter sets out to seduce her man. No matter what his wife might think, sweet and innocent, but also seductive and sexy, this tempting siren will rock your world while babysitting your kids and she is determined to lure her man into her bed…

***This story contains descriptions of sexual content, for 18+ Adults only***

This is the first volume in Dark Inferno’s sizzling new series Sweet Temptations.



*Received copy in exchange of an honest review*

With a short read, the author must impulse to achieve the unimaginable in such length. It’s not easy or sometimes, it’s a torture for us readers to be left with cliffhangers for the next book in the series. Either way the reader can feel satisfaction or distaste, but reading this book highlighted something very different to this genre. Since, it’s in Richard Martin POV; you get to know the machination of the character against the world, his struggle to balance his work, romantic and family life. As well, how temptation follows him in three gorgeous women, but first it arrives as a brown eyed babysitter, Rebecca.

He knows it’s wrong to succumb to such dark lust. However, circumstances pulled them together, the two scared and anxious to taste the forbidden. To cross lines. A kiss is not enough, and the pure pleasure from each other’s body it’s enjoyable. Memorable.

Overall, it was a quick steamy read; the author took his time portraying Richard for the audience and did a good job. You get a sneak peak of his conflicts and his decision afterwards. It was is interesting, how the woman eyed him, and wanted to get an affair with him even if he was off-limits or has a gorgeous wife. They want him, who will he return to? I guess, you will have to read for yourself.

For me, it was a good read, but I was expecting a little more or a little less. Some lines I did quite enjoy and others were bland for me. And I’m not against the subgenre or anything (husbands cheating), but this didn’t convinced to the degree, to want to crave more of the story. Yet, I’m curious how his affairs will fit with his wife (if she catches him) or his if he will commit to anyone. Nerveless, the author managed to stay true to his writing and his characters. Making everything flow and with the cliffhanger he did, will make readers curious (as it did to me) of how will his next affairs will develop.







Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/Sweet-Temptations-Babysitter-Dark-Inferno-ebook/dp/B00I5RD19M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1427133058&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Babysitter+-+Dark+Inferno

Reviewed by Lexi Wings

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