Empty Space by Alan Black

29 Apr



York August Sixteen was abandoned as a baby, abused and molested as a child, beaten and harassed as a teen, and had his rightful place in the Republic’s Space Navy stolen from him. Fighting back against huge government systems was useless. Dispensing justice on an individual case-by-case basis was more to his liking, yet even that was taken away when he was stationed on a lonely communication space station. York’s life would change when he decides to seek justice for people even less fortunate than him.

4 star

*Received ARC in exchange of honest review*

Ok. Let’s cut the chase. I was throw off of my element!  It was to duck or bite the bullet. And being a lover of challenges; I volunteered.  So, here it is my review.  🙂

As vast as it sounds, space is with all its lights, stars, and unknown things far and sometimes close of our reach can influence us to imagine and create. And the world, I currently lived in was Empty Space by Alan Black. This is not sweet, shimmering lights story where the path of the hero is already predicted. In this story the hero has a choice of being forever a victim or a fighter.  Even if it’s means to be stamped down and be a kind of good that’s it’s no longer wanted. Where corruption is in every turn, and with a society that hates orphans, there’s little to win. A quick death or a slow torturing one while trying to maintain all the good there’s inside of you. Or trying to. With all its imaginary this story grasped my attention, to be able to feel useless and yet strong by trying to do something right.  It was an enjoyable read, action packed and even funny.  Science fiction fans will be delighted to meet York Sixteen.



empty space pic





Review by Lexi Wings


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