Stalker by Clarissa Wild

16 Jun

the very muscular handsome felon guy ,  out of netting   steel fence


Fuck me once, I’ll fuck you twice … then I’ll bury you.

No prison can keep me from seeking revenge. Especially when it comes to her.
She, the woman who put me in jail.
I swore that I’d come for her, to claim what belongs to me: Her life.
I’m not a good man. On the contrary, I love to be bad. It’s in my veins. Just like it’s in my veins to ruin her.
She’s an actress, pretending to be a saint, but we both know that isn’t true. One way or another, she’ll pay for what she did.
I will hunt for her. Make her fear me. Make her body mine.
Bad deeds never go unpunished … And I always go out with a bang.

WARNING: This book is a DARK ROMANCE STANDALONE – it has a non-conventional ending. This isn’t rainbow sprinkles & unicorn fluff. It’s a dark, thrilling journey of two people clashing over love, lust, and hatred. Heed the warning. Contains graphic violence, alcohol, drugs & other disturbing content.



5/5 Scorchin’ Hot Stars!

*Received ARC in exchange of honest review*

BeFunky Collage

Ok. Let’s skip the long sermon book review and get on with the good part. Sex. Hot Inhibited Sex. Mad Sex. Make-up Sex. Morning Sex. Healing Sex. Angry Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Damn, I had to get it off my system!  This book it’s so hot, that got me wet, even thinking of Phoenix made me so leaky and I don’t care! This man owned me, grabbed me by the throat and demanded my submission as well my heart. I don’t care if people don’t like my review, but I totally dry hump Phoenix hand, leg, face, knife? Anytime, and that though got me hot and bothered. It such a turn on, to have characters so defiant, confident, with a love so twisted that got my ovaries aching for them. FUCK! Their hatred was foreplay to a big volcanic- five of July-orgasm! I had such fun, a lot of dry humping and perspective. Did I say perspective, hell yes! It’s easy to have a scope and see life. All colors, soft breeze and giggles. But to portrait dirtiness, an earthiness to the soul and a life strangled from the clutch of your hand one have to have nothing to gain it all. And this author gave me a mind fuck! So in culmination, go read this book, like seriously don’t fuck around, one-click this motherfucker and prepare to have your heart carved out from your chest.


-Lexi Wings



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