Of Blind Fate (Operation: Middle of the Garden Book 5) by Micah Persell

16 May





Stuck in a death cycle that repeats itself every seven days, Oliver Phillips is on the hunt for the mate who will put an end to his misery—a mate he both loves and hates, though he’s never met her. Will he exact his revenge and lose his mate forever, or will he give up his quest in exchange for the love he never thought he’d need?

Used as bait and punished when she’s successful, Farrah Haddad lives life on the run. As a victim of human trafficking, Farrah has three goals: stay alive, find Mother, tell no secrets—ever. When a man, the first ever to make her heart beat faster, offers her a better life, she finds his offer and his actions contradictory, and therefore, dangerous. Will trusting him make her safe, or will he destroy her forever?



***Received copy by author in exchange of an honest review***

421211_1398597733689552_322082514_n stars 5

5/5 stars!



Where this author been all this freaking time?! This is my first time ever reading something of this author and I’m hypnotized! I love this book so much! The story is unique! Why this isn’t a TV series of Movie!? It would seriously kick-ass!

I devoured this book, if I could erase my memory and start to read it again, like the first time I would still feel the euphoria!

Such dimensional characters and the witty dialogue was plain fun! I NEEDED this book in my life! And I feel so lucky to have read it! It’s fast paced, action packed and sexy as hell! This author knows how to bring the Hot on Romance. As well the Tenderness, Compassion and Love. Sighs blissfully*

The characters are simply unforgettable! Oliver and Farrah are made for each other, salvation and love merging together, as one.  And a bond so strong, capable to burn down every obstacle that separates them apart. Their love is beautiful.


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Meet the Author

Micah Persell       Micah Persell, winner of the 2013 Virginia HOLT Award of Merit for her first novel Of Eternal Life, holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a double master’s degree in literature and English pedagogy. She is an avid reader of all types of literature, but has a soft spot for romance. She currently teaches high school English classes. Her paranormal romance series, Operation: Middle of the Garden, and her “wild and wanton” editions of Austen’s Emma and Persuasion are available through Crimson Romance.

Website: http://www.micahpersell.com



Reviewed by Lexi Wings

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