Never Tap Out by Victoria Prince

19 Aug





Kate has been through a lot in the last two years. She narrowly survives a tragic car accident that claims the life of her mother. Her father ran out on her and her younger brother years ago, leaving them with their grandmother as the only remaining family; and Kate with pain she didn’t know existed. Her mother was everything and now she’s gone. Kate has survived rape, abuse, abandonment, and tragedy, but can she live through this too? How much can one nineteen year old woman endure before she breaks?

For the next couple of years, Kate battles serious depression, reclusion, and regret. When she’s convinced her life couldn’t be anymore miserable, she meets a wrestling coach who knew her mother. In exchange for learning more about the woman who was her whole world, Kate begins a brand new life to lift her out of the mountain of despair she’s been living under.
Slowly but surely, Kate makes a big impact in the world of women’s wrestling, her own life, and makes numerous attempts to right the sorrow of her mother’s death on her younger brother Charles, who suffered more than she knew. Kate follows her mother’s advice to “never tap out”, no matter what life throws at you.

Between her circle of family heartache, a handsome fighter named James tries to shake up Kate’s emotions even more. He’s determined to prove his worth to her and give her a reason to smile again. The only thing Kate has found solace in since the wreck is her family and watching the innocence of the sunset that never gives up. Can she trust a pair of sexy brown eyes while trying to save her brother from a constant downward spiral and carry on her mother’s legacy?

Love, loss, lust, perseverance, and tears will ravage all of your emotions in this heartfelt story about beating all odds and destroying the demons that haunt us.



4.0 Never Tap Out Stars!


*** Received copy from author in exchange for an honest review***



This story is richly detailed, gradual, steady and yet vividly narrated. Since page one you get immersed in an MMA world with its hard straining, sweat gaining confidence and no time to fool around. With the sole purpose of pushing the limits to the end, to know how bad you want it or what would you sacrifice to become not an opportunist winner, but a winner in life itself.

In the same perspective, you get to know deep down the main character, Kate. You feel her struggles and success, to rise and become the woman her mother’s always guided her to. The woman buried inside her: a strong, fearless and caring fighter in the ring and in life.

The romance was far at the end, but I guess the author wanted to portray the humanity, the internal battle of feelings, self-doubt and sheer determination to make a better life for oneself and to not give up no matter what.

This is a lovely story, as I said before its gradual, so one need the patience to get to know the main character on different stages of her life. If you are up to it, then you’ll enjoy Never Tap Out by Victoria Prince.












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Victoria Prince

Victoria Prince is a contemporary romance author from New York, now residing in Palm Springs, CA with her husband and sons. She is an obsessive lover of the ocean, tropical locations, dolphins, the NFL, and Peyton Manning. In her very limited spare time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her growing family under the sun in Southern California by the beach.





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Reviewed by Lexi Wings

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