Anything but a Gentleman by Elisa Braden

12 Feb




A spinster hatches a plan (with a smattering of blackmail)
Miss Augusta Widmore has no time for proprieties. She must force her sister’s ne’er-do-well betrothed to the altar with all haste—or watch her sister bear the scandalous consequences. But with the blackguard resisting his duty, she needs leverage. And only one man can provide it.

A giant holds all the cards (or so he thinks)
Sebastian Reaver has no time for presumptuous women. He has a club to run. So, when a perfect nuisance invades his office, demands a fortune in markers, and refuses to leave until he relinquishes them to her, he knows just the thing to send her scurrying back to Hampshire: Exact a price this prim country spinster would never agree to pay.

A fiery battle begins (with both sides playing for keeps)
Ordinarily, Augusta would never agree to become the mistress of a notorious club owner—whether he’s a lowborn ruffian or the wealthiest man in London or the most intriguing, ill-tempered giant she’s ever encountered … or all three. Calling his bluff raises the stakes (and the heat), but retreat will mean ruin for Augusta. Now, Sebastian wants her total surrender, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve—soul-stealing kisses, unexpected honor, and electrifying persuasion for the woman he never saw coming.






421211_1398597733689552_322082514_n stars 5

5/5  Historical Romance Stars!


Sometimes as seasons go by our choices to read change, it can be depending in our mood that day, environment or nothing in specific. Sometimes we are not into it and that’s it.  And yet, there are books that are simply too majestic and captures the reader to a degree that we lose the trail of reality and we are transported to another time. Where one does know that our feet are flawlessly gliding in a ballroom full of glittering light. As the melody enfolds us to an enchanting evening, and through the windows one can see how the stars shine from the night sky. It’s perfection.

This is how I felt reading Anything but a Gentleman. I was being sucked in an elegant world, where strong characters resonate in each page and pull you into their story. To laugh at their antics, cry at the unjust circumstances and feel their joy as well share their insecurities and still keep going on. For a new day and love found in the most unusual places. That’s a unique formula and refreshing to read. This author is bold enough to write with such fierceness and cleverness that her story breaks the mold and expose a new side of romance. That is simply irresistible. Even after finishing the book I didn’t wanted to end. It wasn’t enough. Her writing is addicting.



Miss Augusta Widmoreac1863643b37e7e5b5c7d8c384f3c148


Sebastian Reaver



“Open your eyes, love.”

She did. She saw him, so much larger. She saw herself flushed and ripe and needing.

“You see?”

She shook her head.

“I will keep you safe. I will give you pleasure. But you must let me.” -Anything but a Gentleman (Rescued from Ruin #7) by Elisa Braden




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Reading romance novels came easily to Elisa Braden. Writing them? That took a little longer. After graduating with degrees in creative writing and history, Elisa spent too many years in “real” jobs writing T-shirt copy … and other people’s resumes … and articles about giftware displays. But that was before she woke up and started dreaming about the very unreal job of being a romance novelist. Better late than never.

Elisa lives in the Pacific Northwest, where you’re constitutionally required to like the colors green and gray. Good thing she does. Other items on the “like” list include cute dogs, strong coffee, and epic movies. Of course, her favorite thing of all is hearing from readers who love her characters as much as she does.

If you’re one of those, get in touch on Facebook (@authorelisabraden), visit her website (, and – most importantly – be the first to hear about new releases, price specials, and awesome free bonuses by signing up for her email newsletter ( It’s easy, quick, and FREE.


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