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Jack Hammer by Tabatha Vargo & Melissa Andrea

17 Mar



Title: Jack Hammer
Authors: Tabatha Vargo & Melissa Andrea
Genre: New Adult/Romance
Cover Design: Romantic Book Affairs
ReleaseDate: March 17th, 2015


Blaine Wesley I’m the Jack Hammer. Exotic dancer extraordinaire. The teaser and the pleaser— the paid for penis for play. I have to be all these things to survive. It’s who I became when I lost her. But now she’s back, and I can’t decide who I want to be more. The Jack Hammer or Blaine Wesley. All I know is she’s foreplay at its finest, and it’s my job to get them wet and ready.
Chelsey Ford Liar. That’s what I called him when he walked out of my life. Losing your first love will turn you into someone bitter. Hateful. Angry. But now he’s back, and he’s determined to torture me. The only problem is, I’m enjoying his form of torture too much. And the hatred for him that holds me together is slowly starting to dissolve.
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Tabatha Vargo

Tabatha is a NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, but mostly she’s a sweet tea sippin’, front porch sittin’ kind of girl from South Carolina. She loves old, historical anything, wind chimes, and all things romantic. She’s the mother of an 9 y/o rockstar/princess and the wife of her very own Prince Charming.
When she isn’t writing, she’s texting book ideas to herself. Tabatha is represented by Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

Melissa Andrea

New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

I find it hard to sum up my life in a paragraph, but I’ll try.
Reading has always been a passion for me and writing is as instinctive as breathing. Every inhale is an idea; every exhale a creation. Flutter, The Discover Series, was my debut release and since then I have written a contemporary romance duet- The Edge of Darkness and The Grace in Darkness. I also co-wrote Little Black Book and The Wrath Of Sin with Tabatha Vargo.

The only thing I do better than writing? Making beautiful, sassy, and independent girls. My daughter’s will always be my greatest accomplishment, my biggest fans, and my every inspiration. I live, breath, and would die for them! I’ve been married to one of the greatest men in my life for eight years and I love him more than chocolate (you know shit just got real :), Justin Timberlake and Friday’s. Without him, my website would be a mess and I would probably being paying more taxes than I should be. He’s a jack of many trades, and this is just my opinion, but I like to think besides my daughters, I’m his second biggest accomplishment. (Does anyone else hear a horn tooting?)

I was born in Denver, Colorado, but I grew up in sunny Arizona. I currently live in South Carolina. I don’t have a big family, but I’m close with my sister, brother & mom. My mom is my hero, my reality check, and I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing person to be raised by. She has supported me throughout this crazy adventure and I’m lucky to have her on my side!
6 things you should know about me:
1. I’m a tornado with lipstick! Translation: I’m very girly, but I can get down and dirty with the best of them.
2. I adore the color pink!
3. I love things that sparkle (including vampires!)
4. I like even numbers (hence 6 things about me, not 5)
5. I’m loyal to a fault, but I like to see the good in everybody. Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness though because my bark is not always bigger than my bite :))
6. I don’t like calling readers ‘fans’. When it come down to it, I am all YOUR biggest fan! MWAH!
I will never be able to thank every reader, every blogger, or every author who has helped me in one or a million ways since I published, but I will try every chance I get. Y’all are the reason I’m here and every comment, every message, and every review makes me feel like I have a reason to be. So to the moon and back, THANK YOU! Mwah!

Okay, so this was a little longer than a paragraph.



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Stepsister Devotion ( Part One ) by Eve Cates

5 Mar


               NEW RELEASE!

The start of an epic tale about love, lust and secrets. Follow Sebastian as he learns to live with loving his stepsister Abigail and hiding that love from the world…



                 Excerpt ( censored )

“You’re so beautiful,” I whisper. I’m overcome with the sight of her beneath me. Ready. Willing. “I can’t tell you how often I’ve dreamed of this moment. But I need to know this isn’t just a summer fling. I’m not doing that. Not with you. I want you too damn much and one summer isn’t going to cut it.” Her eyes move between mine as she listens quietly, her expression sobering. “Cards on the table, I love you, Abigail. I’ve loved you since I saw you walk down that aisle in that stupid pink dress. I think I was born loving you, and for some stuffed up reason we were connected by family instead of meeting the way normal couples do. But I don’t care how we met. As long as we’re together, I don’t give a stuff about the rest of the world. I need you to promise that you’re mine. I need you to promise you’re mine only.”
Her eyes shine with emotion and her lips part, letting out a choked sob. “I want to, Seb,” she whispers. “I want to so much. But how?”
“How?” I release her hands and sit back, wiping my hand over my face as I let out a long sigh, feeling disappointed as well as angry at myself for allowing myself to hope we could be more. “By saying screw you to a lot of people. That’s how.” Standing up, I shake my head, leaning down to pick up my shirt so I can pull it back over my head.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m getting dressed.”
“But, I thought…”
I turn on her. “Thought this was what, Abigail? That you could spend the summer roughing it with your white trash stepbrother so you can satisfy your rebellious streak before you go off to your fancy college. Where are you going? Brown? You couldn’t go there and hold your head up high attached to someone like me could you? You’d be too worried about what they all think.”
She turns on me now. “What happens when we unbolt that trap door? Do we go down to dinner and hold hands, just expecting our parents to be cool with us together? What happens when we go out into the world? What do we do – will you go up to people and say ‘I’d like you to meet my stepsister, Abigail, oh, and she’s also my girlfriend…’ How does that work, Seb? Because in my world, people are going to think I’m sick and that it’s no better than incest.”
“It’s not like we grew up together. We’ve met once before now. How can anyone think something is wrong with that?”
She stands up and heads over to the gramophone, keeping her back to me as she lets out a sigh and speaks. “I don’t know, Seb. But people are small-minded and sometimes, the more educated they are, the worse it is. All I can promise you is this summer in this room. I can’t promise you anything outside it. I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry too, Abi. All I know is that I want you but I really can’t have you. And it ticks me off. I want you too much to settle for a secret. I want you always.”



Reclaimed ( A Knights Rebels MC Novella ) by River Savage is Live!

22 Feb



Reclaimed will follow Nix and Kadence but ALL the MC men have an appearance, so it is crucial that you read the start of their story in Incandescent. 






(¸.•´ ¤ HOT MC #99c New Release!
Are you ready for more Nix and Kadence? RECLAIMED (A Knights Rebels MC Novella) by River Savage is now #LIVE!


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Affliction (Knights Rebels MC #2) River Savage

12 Dec










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Release Day Blitz: Reparation by Stylo Fantome

8 Dec


Happy Release Day to Stylo Fantome and the final book in the Kane Trilogy – Reparation! Enjoy a sneak peek into the book below and make sure to enter the giveaway! This week is the blog tour so be on the lookout for what the blogs have to say in addition to a little surprise at the end of the tour for fans of the series. All THREE books will be on SALE so grab it while you can!!!



The Devil has met his match

When Tatum O’Shea decides it’s time for some payback, no one is safe from her new game – not even the devil himself. Tate is going to get her happily ever after, even if it means making everyone else unhappy in the process.

But a persistent Jameson, a meddling Sanders, and an amorous baseball player make it very hard for a girl to keep her focus, and suddenly it seems Tate has a few too many suitors for her fairy tale ending.

Sometimes, it’s very difficult to tell who Prince Charming really is …

WARNING: may induce Kindle throwing, screaming at fictional characters, and possibly a few tears. Also graphic sexual situations and sadomasochistic themes.


She showed Ang the sideboard where Jameson kept most of his every day things – a lot of cuff links, tie pins, watches, things of that nature. Everything plated in gold and diamond and platinum. While Ang guffawed over everything, Tate made her way over to the bed. Knelt on top of it and crawled towards Jameson’s side.

“Holy fuck, Tate, this table holds more money than I’ll ever see in my life. I don’t know whether to be impressed, or disgusted,” Ang called out from behind her. She pulled a box out of Jameson’s night stand and then turned back to Ang.

“Look at this,” she offered, knee walking back towards him. He met her at the edge of the bed and she opened the box. “This is a Jacob and Co. watch.”

“It’s awesome,” he said, taking the box into his hands and looking over the timepiece.

“It’s worth over $300,000.”

Fuck!” he exclaimed, and dropped the box. It bounced on the mattress and rolled, the lid snapping shut. She laughed and picked it up, sat it on the pillows.

“I know, right? Who would spend that kind of money on a watch?” she asked.

“Why the fuck would you even let me touch that? That watch is worth more than I am,” he laughed as well, but he looked a little shaky.

“I think it’s funny. All this stuff, it’s silly,” she said, reaching out and playing with the button on the blazer he was wearing. He was taller than Jameson, but leaner. The blazer was pretty loose on him.

“It’s fucking stupid. A watch!? Why? How often does he wear it?” Ang asked. Tate shrugged, unbuttoning the jacket and pushing it open.

“Not often. Once in Spain. You should see the shit he keeps in the safe,” she said, plucking at his shirt. He began absent mindedly batting at her hands while he glanced around the room.

“You’re shitting me. Please tell me it’s behind a huge portrait of like his dog or something,” he chuckled. She hooked her fingers inside his belt.

“No. It’s in the closet,” she replied.

“Tate, what are you doing?” he asked, finally clueing into the fact that she was touching him. She smiled up at him. Ang liked to pretend he liked being poor, turned up his nose at rich people, but really, he was fascinated by it, and even better, distracted by it. It was one of the things that had attracted him to Tate, she knew. It was probably part of what drew him to her sister.


“What? I feel like I haven’t touched you in a long time,” she said, pulling him close and wrapping her arms around his waist. She pressed the side of her face to his chest and he sighed, wrapping his arms around her shoulders.

“Are you really okay? You kinda scare me, sometimes,” he mumbled. She ignored the sadness in his voice and worked her hands up his back. He felt so different than Jameson.

“I’m okay, Ang. I’m happy here. Everything is great,” she whispered, massaging her fingers back down his back. He shivered under her touch.

“You can always come live with me,” he said softly. She laughed low in her throat and pulled away a little, running her hands up and down his sides.

“Do you think your girlfriend would appreciate that?” she asked, watching him from under hooded eyelids. He ran his hands under her hair, lifting it away from her shoulders and piling it all on the back of her head.

“I don’t think she’d care, but more importantly, I don’t care. You’ve been my best friend for a million years,” he replied. She smiled, running her teeth over her bottom lip while she pressed herself against him.

“Sometimes a little more than a friend,” her voice was soft. He laughed, scratching his fingers over her scalp.

“Most of the time. God, we used to have fun,” his voice fell into a murmur as his eyes wandered over her face.

Please, don’t hate me after this. I have to get my soul back.

“Used to?” she asked, her voice soft as she ran her hands along his body.

“Tater tot, we haven’t had fun since Satan came to town,” he chuckled, his hands moving to the back of her neck.

“Hmmm, he’s not in town right now,” she reminded him. He narrowed his eyes.

“No, he’s not, and I doubt he would appreciate me seducing his succubus in his lair,” he told her.

“I doubt he’d care. Besides, succubi are supposed to sleep with lots of people,” she pointed out.

“Succubi? Is that how you pluralize it?”

“Succubuses sounds weird.”

“Like a slutty bus.”

“Slutty buses.”

“Wait,” he stopped. “Did you just imply that you want to sleep with me?”

“Ang. If I laid it on any thicker, I’d be staked out on the mattress,” she said bluntly.

“I thought it was ‘against the rules‘, or some bullshit,” he said, glancing around the room, like he was checking for hidden cameras, or waiting for Jameson to pounce out of the shadows and eat him.

“That was before; besides, since when have you cared about what upsets Jameson?” she evaded answering him.

“I don’t. But I don’t want to piss off Ellie, either. She’s not exactly as free a thinker as you and I,” he laughed.

I’m counting on that.

“That’s not fair. She wouldn’t know you if it wasn’t for me – she owes me a finders fee,” Tate mock pouted, sticking out her bottom lip. He pinched it between his thumb and finger.

“What’s going on with you, babydoll? Satan not giving it to you good enough?” he laughed. She tilted her head down, drawing his thumb into her mouth and sucking on it. He hissed air through his teeth. She let him go and he dragged his thumb down her chin.

“How about you stop worrying about him for tonight. I know I have,” she said in a husky voice.

Like that would even be possible.

She knew she had him. The tempation to put something over on Jameson was too great for him. She knew Ang very well, knew how to get to him. They hadn’t slept together in a long time – since August. They had quit cold turkey, and he hadn’t had a say in the matter. In fact, he’d been pretty angry about it for a while. Here was his chance to strike back. Fuck Tate, in Jameson’s bed. In Satan’s home. Much too hard to resist. She closed her eyes as his head lowered towards hers.

Please, please don’t hate me.

reparation teaser for release day


Stylo FantomeCrazy woman living in an undisclosed location in Alaska (where the need for a creative mind is a necessity!), I have been writing since …, forever? Yeah, that sounds about right. I have been told that I remind people of Lucille Ball – I also see shades of Jennifer Saunders, and Denis Leary. So basically, I laugh a lot, I’m clumsy a lot, and I say the F-word A LOT.

I like dogs more than I like most people, and I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t drink. No, I do not live in an igloo, and no, the sun does not set for six months out of the year, there’s your Alaska lesson for the day. I have mermaid hair – both a curse and a blessing – and most of the time I talk so fast, even I can’t understand me.

Yeah. I think that about sums me up.

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Book 1 – Degradation – AMAZON | B&N

Book 2 – Separation – AMAZON | B&N

Book 3 – Reparation – AMAZON | B&N

Nights With The Billionaire Part 1 by Daisy Evan

29 Nov


Hi Everyone!  I hope you enjoy the teaser below. Nights With The Billionaire is Daisy Evans first book so read on and when you’re done show your support by liking this new author’s fb page and spread the word. There’s a new author in town!


He had me at hello. I know that’s cliche. How can a man have you at hello? I can tell you exactly how Ryker Conrad had me at hello. To be fair, he could have had me without opening his mouth. As soon as I saw the handsome man in the smart black suit with the sexy stubble, my stomach started rumbling. His blue eyes looked like cool water against his dark tan skin and jet-black hair. He was the sexiest and most gorgeous man I’d ever seen in my life. Though, I wasn’t prepared for his proposition. I mean, who can ever be ready for something like that? When a strange hot man asks you if you want to spend a week with him, no questions asked, what do you say? I mean I could have said no right? But what fun would that have been? I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this to come up for a long time. Not just because he’s hot, but because he’s Ryker Conrad. You see, I’ve been waiting to meet him for a really long time.

Author’s Fb page:

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24 Nov


                  Jen Frederick

Expected Publication: December 11/2014
Length: 300 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Charlotte and Nathan were supposed to be forever. They grew up together. Their families were intertwined. Charlotte was Nathan’s first love. Nathan was Charlotte’s first everything.

Until they weren’t.

How do you hold on to the person you know in your heart you are supposed to be with when everything and everyone in the universe is telling you it’s over?

How many times does a heart break?
When is enough…..enough?
How long is forever?

An epic love story featuring a couple destined to be together. 




Goodreads link: 

Author Biography:
Jen lives with her husband, child, and one rambunctious dog. She’s been reading stories all her life but never imagined writing one of her own. Jen loves to hear from readers so drop her a line at

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Prize: $100 AMEX gift card (open internationally). Giveaway ends 21/12/2014

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