Pre-Order All I Ask by Elizabeth York

19 Apr


All I Ask by Elizabeth York, set to release May 23rd! #PreOrder for $0.99 today!

My name is Devan Anderson and I am a photographer and the by product of a cheating father and a childhood evaporated by illness. I’m stubborn, protective, but I care more than I let on. What does a girl like me do when I taste life for the first time?
I’ll give you a hint. It isn’t what you think.
My name is Ian Jensen and I am a Pediatric Oncologist that works day and night with kids that prove to be braver than I. I am open to Nerf gun fights, having fun, and taking control. What’s a doctor who lives life by the book do when given a new chapter to live in?
Ask me again tomorrow?
What happens when a photographer set to live in the dark meets the doctor that lives in the light? What happens when our world collide?
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No Place Like Home by Christina Butrum

17 Apr


No Place Like Home: Love in Seattle

Christina Butrum

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Date of Publication: April 12, 2017

Book Description:

Janelle Harper has a promising career as a journalist at the Cincinnati Enquirer – writing articles about baking as she dreams of one day owning a bakery of her own. More than an opportunity awaits when she agrees to fill in at Harper’s Café in Seattle while her parents are away on vacation.  Not only is she faced with the need to forgive Colin Davis, an enemy from college, but she has to decide how much her dream means to her.  Will her love of baking make her stay in Seattle or will it take something more?

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The minute he looked up at her, and his eyes landed on hers, she saw in them how she felt. Desire, yearning for something more, but neither of them wanting to say it. Waiting for him to make the move, she scooted back against the wall as she kept her eyes on his. The thoughts… she needed to keep this friends only. She had no intention of doing anything that her thoughts were suggesting.

“You should really be going,” she said, stammering over each word. “I have to be up early and I have so much I have to do before I can even call it a night.”

A smile tugged at his lips as his eyes focused on her lips. “You’re rambling again, Janelle.”

Crossing her legs in front of her, she squirmed at the affect he had on her. His eyes, his lips, everything about him at this exact moment was her undoing. She shook her head in an attempt to stop the overwhelming, ridiculous sexy thoughts she was having.

“Really, you should go,” she said again, a failed attempt on her part to make him leave. Her mind and her heart were playing a fierce game of tug of war. One part wanted him to leave before anything could happen they’d later regret, but the other part, the part of her that longed to be loved and desired, wanted him to stay.

Placing his hands on either side of her on the bench, he pulled himself up. Leaning over her, he whispered into her ear, “I don’t think that’s what you really want me to do.”

His words rasped against her ear, sending chills down her spine, causing her to arch into his chest. She released a heavy breath as she fought back the urge to unleash her inner desires. Feeling a sensation she hadn’t felt in a long time, she shifted against the heated bench. Restless and craving what he had to offer, her brain fought against her desire with logical reasoning. This man had once been her enemy, a man she had not wanted anything to do with, only a few short months ago.

“Tell me what you really want, Janelle,” he whispered breathless against her ear.

For the love of God if he didn’t stop with that whispering, she was going to…

Scooping her up into his arms, he shifted her against his waist, allowing her legs to wrap around him. He allowed her a split second to resist, and when she didn’t, he carried her to the couch and set her gently underneath him as he placed his firm, but soft, lips against hers.

She pressed into the kiss, allowing his tongue to wander into her mouth. Shutting off her thoughts, she wrapped her arms around his neck and gripped her hands in his hair. He had given her plenty of chances to stop what was happening, but she wouldn’t allow him to pull away.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked, breathless as he unbuttoned his checkered shirt.

Did he really want her to think this through? It was a bit too late for that, wasn’t it? She had long ago shut her mind off. She wasn’t allowing any negative thoughts to ruin whatever this was between them. Her friends had always told her she hadn’t taken enough risks in life. If this wasn’t the biggest risk she was about to take, she didn’t know what was.

She needed to tell him something, but debated not to. She didn’t want to ruin whatever this was, whether it was a one night stand or friends with benefits or possibly something more, she didn’t care. The desire and the heat they shared between them tonight was something…

“I’m not staying in Seattle,” she said, barely able to get the words out between his fierce kissing.

“Let’s not talk about that right now,” he said, pulling off his shirt. His eyes fell on hers as he sat up. “Are you sure you want to do this?


About the Author:


Christina Butrum launched her writing career in 2015 with the release of The Fairshore Series.

Writing contemporary fiction, she brings realistic situations with swoon-worthy romance to the pages – allowing her readers to fall in love right along with the characters.

When she isn’t busy writing, Christina enjoys spending time with her little family. Christina Butrum looks forward to publishing many more books for her readers to enjoy.






Sins of the Father by Avelyn Paige

15 Apr


Model: Alfie Gordillo
Photographer: Michael Pacis of R+M Photography
Cover Designer: The Final Wrap


“The son will not bear the punishment for the father’s iniquity.” Ezekiel 18:20
Absolute power corrupts absolutely; it was a harsh lesson that my father learned too late.
Now we’re all going to burn for his mistakes.
As the prince of the Heaven’s Rejects MC, I had a life of luxury, a life I paid for with my father’s blood. Now the burden to get us out of this mess has fallen on my shoulders, it’s a job I never asked for, nor wanted, but I’ll rescue us all from the pits of the hell he cast us into.
I am the Devil’s son, but I’m not going down because of that bastard.



Avelyn Paige is a born and raised Indiana girl. While she may be a Hoosier by birth, she is a Boilermaker by choice. Boiler Up! She resides in a sleepy little town in Indiana with her husband and three crazy pets. Avelyn spends her days working as a cancer research scientist and her nights sipping moonshine while writing and book reviewing. Avelyn loves everything paranormal, Cajun culture, and wants to try tornado chasing as a hobby when she finally grows up. She just has to get over that pesky fear of thunderstorms first. Avelyn also enjoys collecting voodoo dolls from her trips to New Orleans.




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Nuts About You (Anthology)

1 Apr

The Nuts About You charity anthology has stories from 18 different authors, 15 of which are BRAND NEW romance stories all written from a male POV wrapped up in one amazing anthology! There is something for everyone in this romance anthology, including comedy, contemporary, MC, M/M, erotica, BDSM and more.

It’s not for the faint hearted.

All profit will benefit the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign and Worldwide Cancer Research.

Also available in paperback on Amazon


 260k words, 17 stories all for #99p #99pennies #99cents
Join the Facebook release party & charity auction group, where we have some fantastic giveaways and items to be auction for these two amazing charities.
Accidentally on Purpose by S.E. Hall & Ashley Suzanne
Ashes To Ashes by Tess Oliver
Without Question by Lucy Felthouse
Nutt Cracker by Skye Turner
Since I Now Have You by S M Phillips
There’s No Place Like Home by Jade C. Jamison
Love Letters by Jamie Lake
Love Thy Neighbour by J A Melville
Right Here Waiting by T.a. McKay
A Pets Reward by Don Abdul
Taco Tuesday by Xavier Neal
First Ink by Amy L Gale
My Wicked Stepsister by T.S. Irons
Catching Mallory by Xana Jordan
The Ball In My Court by T.H. Snyder
A Beautiful Heart by Michelle Rene
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Stripped Raw by Prescott Lane is on SALE

30 Mar


I’m a yes girl. Get your mind out of the gutter; I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about saying yes to whatever comes my way in life. So when I had the chance to move to Europe after college, I said, yes. When I had the chance to open my own lingerie line, I said, yes. And when my stepsister got diagnosed with cancer and needed me to come home and help her raise her daughter, I said, yes. That’s me, Kenzie — the yes girl! In every area of my life but one —Love. Always the first to leave a relationship. Will I be able to say yes to love — to Kane — to being happy? Or will I simply come undone and be stripped raw?
Don’t let Kenzie fool you! She’s a master at hiding behind a laugh and a smile. Being an attorney, I prefer the facts. This story isn’t as light and happy as my yes girl would have you believe. No laugh can sugarcoat what we are facing: I’ve lost everything. I know what it’s like to be left raw. But sometimes that’s the only way to find love. To strip yourself down, let the other person see all your sh*t, and hope they love you anyway.

The Terms by Ruby Rowe

23 Mar

 Title: The Terms: Part One
Series: The Terms Duet
Author: Ruby Rowe
Genres: Romantic Suspense, Erotica Romance, BDSM
Cover Model: Alfie Gabriel
Cover Design: Jo-Anna at Just write. Creations
Release Date: April 27, 2017

I wanted to hate her. For three years, Camilla withheld the fact that my brother had a son, Liam.

Then, Tony died without ever knowing his kid, and I was going to make sure Ms. Rose paid a price for her deceit. I also wanted Liam to be raised as a Burke. Our family’s legacy was one to carry on, so the terms were straightforward.

Live in my home.

Allow me to help raise Liam.

Oh, and agree to be my submissive.

In return, I agreed not to rip Camilla’s child away from her. I also offered them both financial security and a life of luxury. It seemed generous to me. It might’ve been simple, too, had she not reminded me of the lady in red. The one who haunted my dreams at night. Camilla’s hazel eyes were a mirror image, her sweetness more than an acquaintance to my subconscious.

I was a hacker by trade, and the internet was my best friend, sharing with me every secret I wished to unearth. I believed that until an unfathomable truth revealed itself in a different way.

Some secrets are never whispered, only sensed by the heart, and all along, my soul held the truth. It hid even from me the most important secret of them all.

The Terms ends in a cliffhanger. It contains explicit language and graphic sex, including aspects of BDSM. The second novel in the duet, The Terms: Part Two, will release June 1st.





Excerpt from The Terms: Part One (The Terms Duet)
© Ruby Rowe 2017
Pulling on my arm, he signals for me to stand. I’m wobbly until I feel his tongue roll over my nipple. My hands find his shoulders, and I use them to brace myself as he sucks the stiff pebble inside his mouth.“Yes,” I say breathlessly. His fingers thrust inside me, and my legs open to give him room. I’m loving every sensation, from his heated mouth to his thick fingers stretching my walls. “Oh, please don’t stop.” As I pant for air, and dig my nails into his shoulders, his fingers slip from me.


“Stand still.” He moves around me, stirring up a breeze, and it sounds like he’s fastening his pants. Shortly after, he removes the blindfold. My hand shields my eyes as they snap shut from the intrusive light. “Let this serve as a lesson not to lie to me. Open your eyes.” I do, and I’m confronted with his penetrating gaze. He’s fully clothed, holding my blouse in his hand. “You can make our years together easy, or you can make them hard. It’s up to you.”

Grabbing my shirt from him, I hold it over my exposed breasts. “Years…? Do you even hear yourself? You’re a handsome and wealthy man who could have as many women in your bed as you choose, probably at once even, yet you’re trying to play house with me in some twisted way.”

“I’ve already had a plethora of women, and like we’ve discussed repeatedly, I want you and Liam here so he can be raised as a Burke.”

“Now, you’re lying. You didn’t bring us here so you could get close to Liam. You brought us here because of your desire to use me. You said you were pissed I withheld from Tony that he had a son, but I think you’re doing this to feel like you own what was once his, and it’s all because you hated him as much as he hated you.”

Turning beet red with anger, he points his finger in my face. “I have never felt hatred toward my brother, and you’re lying to yourself if you think Tony gave a damn about you. Not once did he breathe your fucking name to me.”

Tears come, but I hold them at bay. I don’t know why his words sting. I learned years ago that Tony didn’t give two shits for me, and Christopher confirmed he didn’t care about Liam, either.

“You’re evil, and although my body may betray me and desire your touch, my heart holds only contempt for you. Get out so I can dress and care for my son.”

“It’s your last night, Camilla. Tomorrow, I’m turning your ass scarlet.”


If you are a Reader/Reviewer or Blogger that is interested in receiving an ARC and participating in the Release Day promotion of The Terms, please sign up!

The Terms: Part Two (The Terms Duet, #2) 



I tried to keep my distance. I knew how much trouble Summer could cause me once she was, in her words, “legal.” She wouldn’t accept that being my best friend’s sister meant she was governed by another set of laws.

She was the forbidden fruit.

The “off-limits” trophy prize I couldn’t win.

The “don’t look and sure as hell don’t touch” female in my life.

But Summer pushed until I was backed into a corner. My hands and mouth had nowhere to go but on her. That was my story, and I was stickin’ to it.


I’d known Colton Graham all my life, and he was always a pest … until he wasn’t. That handsome face and masculine body he grew into became hard to look away from, and the more he matured and distanced himself from me, the more I wanted him close.

Since I’d grown up with a brother, I knew how college guys operated. Relationships were off the table, and fine by me; I only wanted two adventurous months with Colton. I knew he wouldn’t be my last, but I was hell-bent on making him my first. What was the harm in that? I could do casual … or so I thought.

Summer Trouble is a Ruby Romp Novella, meaning it contains insta-lust, along with an abundance of dirty talk and graphic sex. It can typically be enjoyed in one reading, so get ready for a fast-paced “get your panties wet” ride.



Ruby Rowe began writing in January of 2013 under the pen name Scarlet Wolfe,

releasing contemporary and young adult. She soon tried her hand at writing erotica

romance and fell in love with the genre.

The pen name Ruby Rowe came about in 2017 when she decided it best to keep her

racier books separate from her young adult romances. She’d like to branch out and

release straight erotica, however, she’s a romantic at heart, and believes it will be

difficult not to include romance in every story.

When not writing, Ruby reads naughty books about possessive, hot alpha males. She has

an addiction to Pinterest, pinning all the sensual photos she can find. She loves bacon,

coffee, and other flavors of ice cream besides vanilla. 😉 She hopes her writing will allow

her readers a reprieve from the real world, giving them an opportunity to live out their




Review of Beauty of the Beast by Rachel L. Demeter

15 Mar

Beauty of the Beast
Fairy Tale Retellings, Book One
Release Date: March 15, 2017
Genres: Historical Romance, Fairy Tale Retellings, Gothic Romance, Adult


Experience the world’s most enchanting and timeless love story—retold with a dark and realistic twist.

A beast living in the shadow of his past…

Reclusive and severely scarred Prince Adam Delacroix has remained hidden inside a secluded, decrepit castle ever since he witnessed his family’s brutal massacre. Cloaked in shadow, with only the lamentations of past ghosts for company, he has abandoned all hope, allowing the world to believe he died on that tragic eve twenty-five years ago.

A beauty in pursuit of a better future…

Caught in a fierce snowstorm, beautiful and strong-willed Isabelle Rose seeks shelter at a castle—unaware that its beastly and disfigured master is much more than he appears to be. When he imprisons her gravely ill and blind father, she bravely offers herself in his place.

Beauty and the Beast…

Stripped of his emotional defenses, Adam’s humanity reawakens as he encounters a kindred soul in Isabelle. Together they will wade through darkness and discover beauty and passion in the most unlikely of places. But when a monster from Isabelle’s former life threatens their new love, Demrov’s forgotten prince must emerge from his shadows and face the world once more…

Perfect for fans of Beauty and the Beast and The Phantom of the OperaBeauty of the Beast brings a familiar and well-loved fairy tale to life with a rich setting in the kingdom of Demrov and a captivating, Gothic voice.





It’s a retelling of classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. I think that the author has done justice to the original story, its well-written and captures characters of both ‘Beauty’ and ‘Beast’ wonderfully. I enjoyed reading it and I think anyone who likes fairy tales will love this new version of an old tale. Personally, I’ve always loved Beauty and the Beast. Story has so much depth and it tells us insights about human mind ans soul. On one hand, there is Beast, an outwardly ugly man with a pure heart. On the other hand, there is Raphael, a handsome man who is rotten to the core. Choice is simple, how can Isabella not love the Beast?
Adam has lived in isolation for so long that he has forgotten how to interact with people. You can say that his mannerism is beastly. But as soon as he sees Isabella something changes. He wants to make her comfortable and happy. Soon he starts to love her but fears that she will never love someone like him. Little does he know that Isabella has such a kind and beautiful heart that she can see beyond his outer looks. She knows that Adam is the man for her. May be she will finally find her happiness.

“Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Definitely a great read. I believe that story has stayed close to the classic version but still there are enough surprises to keep readers on their toes. I’d recommend it to my fellow readers.

Reviewed by Fizza

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